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Web Development Services


We build sites that monetize your product and service offerings in the most effective manner and create the right exposure to your business. We choose an appropriate programming framework that will best your business requirement and provides an uplift for your online presence. We make sure we keep the SEO factors in mind when we develop the site so as to give the website the best push it can get during online promotions.

We provide complete control and transparency of the development process so that we are backed with seamless communication. Our several years of experience in programming gives the best influence on your website.

Reasons we should develop your website
  • Dedicated team of professional developers who build powerful and engaging websites
  • Technically strong team with experience in developing more than 500 websites
  • Completely SEO optimized development
  • We ensure to perform all the security checks and measures before delivery
  • Adherence to best coding guidelines
  • Responsive and user-friendly site development

For excellent performance, with customization of development services we provide advanced proficient programming services by implementing the best technology techniques and satisfactory methods. We are the top website development company in Ranchi, India. Our work on your website makes it advanced and easy to handle, so we build the top class website for your business offerings.

Let’s help you understand how we develop sites that will give you an edge to your business:
  • Consulting: Our professional team will make sure to provide all the necessary inputs for your information and analyze the project requirement. We provide you with the timelines, expectation, and project coordinating aspects for smooth flow .
  • We develop proof of concept that provides a real feel and experience of the website.
  • Post this we build a roadmap by understanding your business problems and matching the requirements to provide the best of website development services.

We offer an array of customized web services. Your website is more than a collection of great images and content, it’s your presence online and your website needs all the pampering to make it the best. We have served industries in healthcare, education, B2B, online grocery, education, manufacturing, and software solutions and with this experience we would make your website another great case study for us.

It just can’t be designed, your site needs to live and present in front of the customers. The site should be flexible and ready to take any new updates, third-party integrations, and rich content. The site needs to be well optimized in a manner that it easily loads for the users to access information.

Our Web Development Process Includes
  • Planning: Kick off meetings, analysis of business and data collection
  • Design: Bespoke and customized design framework
  • Development: Coding and give the website a live and fresh look
  • Launch: Hosting on the server

We take care of all the necessary measures during the development phase like code security, data security. We use programming language or framework according to the purpose and requirements of the client and there is no compromise on the robust architecture, maximum versatility and best scope for future growth.

Development is a key to the entire process of website design and development as it needs to be highly functional and interactive for the users. The other aspects are a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation. The websites must be applicable and compatible to all the browsers be it chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Bing. Leveraging on the recent trends of the development there have been several integrations that can be added within the website be it the chat option, API integrations, online booking modules, and plugins. Depending on the nature of the business these plugins can be added for the effectiveness and user-friendliness of the website.


We work with a passion that is shown in our results. We help our customers use the financial plan successfully by counseling brands to offer for the correct advertisement position in a web search tools when someone browses on a keyword that is related to your business offering. Pay per click promoting can create activity immediately. It's direct: Spend enough, get the best placement, and your potential customers will see your business first.

Starting from a budding organization to well-built corporate organization is whom we work with. Your website design is the first step, once your designs are readily we give life to these elements is the next step for it to look more alive. Working with the latest advancements in each platform is a vital factor. There are several platforms the website can be developed on based on the business goal and nature; they can be WordPress, HTML, Joomla, Magento, PHP, .net and CMS based.

These platforms provide regular updates and it’s important the latest advancements are considered during the development of any website. Another important factor that comes into picture the responsiveness of the website. Users these days access various devices to educate themselves about any information and hence serving the required details that are compatible with all the devices becomes necessary.

Deploying off the shelf development solutions is an integral factor. The website that is developed needs to be an open source where it is easily accessible by the client for future alterations.

  • a. Custom website development can help in your online an search presence
  • b. Complete access and control over the site
  • c. Updated market trends and coding system
  • d. Programming language selected as per your business requirement

Our team helps you with developing the most advanced systems that are built entirely on your specifications with a pinch of our expertise.

The important factor also lies in the UI/UX i.e. development aspect of the website. It is vital that every content that appears in the framework is well-designed and developed for better user experience. The moments the special effects and the content revealing should awestruck your users.

“There are three responses to a websites we develop – yes, no, and WOW!”

WordPress Website Development


We are the leaders in developing and delivering the finest WordPress solutions with a well-structured, W3C compliant, compatible and responsive website. We offer our services to local, domestic and international clients based on their specific needs and requirement. We help you with complete transparency, support, and communications.

With more than 10 plus years of experience and more than 100 websites developed and delivered, we have the required expertise to deliver your requirement. As a full-service WordPress website development agency, we take care of the entire project from start to end. We provide you access to our best professionals who have worked on numerous similar projects.

The platform is a great access to more than 20,000 unique plugins, different versions and with more than 70 million sites that are powered by WordPress, we ensure to bring you these options and customize the features as per your business goals. We make sure your pre-requisites are met when we design and develop the website and deliver the bespoke sizzling website for your business.

Reasons to work with us for your WordPress website requirement
  • Unlimited themes depending on the nature of your business
  • Flexible and best content management system platform
  • Search engine optimized
  • Easily managed menus, tabs, dropdowns and navigation
  • Customized plugins

Providing flawless user experience is the primary motto for us during the development of your requirement. Having such perfect options and readily available platform makes it an attractive mechanism for customers to utilize this as a developing platform.

Our whole aim is to ensure we deliver unlimited possibilities for developing and customizing your WordPress site

  • Requirement analysis
  • Data analysis and planning
  • Design
  • Development and coding
  • Hosting and going live
  • Maintenance and support

WordPress website has become quite popular among website development platforms. It is easy to develop, maintain, update and lightweight. It makes the formatting an easy task and also easy to understand by the search engines of your presence. WordPress websites have unique features which makes it even more attractive to use as a platform for development.

“Create a website that expresses something about who you are as an organization”

During our process of designing and developing the site we offer:
  • Being unique is very important – Custom made website
  • You can’t just design– Creative UX and development
  • Your nature of the business when compared to others – Theme based customization

We are the best WordPress design and development company we help you with planning, designing, building and maintaining the website. Our strategies are unique and we are backed by the best professionals who are highly skilled.

We are versatile and have served various industries in the market starting from IT, software, education, semiconductors, hospitality, and manufacturing. Whether it’s a small business, a startup or a multinational organization, our services help in result oriented solution.

We follow a systematic development approach
  • Your requisite is the foundation –Requirement analysis
  • A pool of data helps in building the best output – Data analysis and planning
  • It has to fit in your requirement and Business - Design
  • The designs need to have some movement – Development and coding
  • The content needs to be seen by your clients – Hosting and going live
  • So now if any changes and updating required, how do we go about it? – maintenance and support

In today’s fast-growing era, millions of businesses have listed themselves on the online platform and WordPress has restructured and reconstructed itself in the most innovative way to build business and get easy communication with your end audience. It is known for how trendy it is and how attractively it places the entire content on the website.

  • Responsive themes to target the audience who are on mobile and boost conversions
  • Custom made designs
  • Full accessibility and control
  • SEO friendly
  • High performance and easy to load

Customers request for unique and custom-made WordPress designs and due to this continuous demand and growth, a lot of them prefer this platform over any other. It is one of the best content management systems driven platform that is easy to develop and covers almost more than half of what various platforms share. Among all the blogging platforms WordPress is the most preferred and primary choice for users.

The WordPress site is known for its prominent features of being highly cost-effective, easy to use, SEO friendly, Plugins and functionality and responsive. Customization of WordPress sites helps because they are superior quality design, unique functionality, highly optimized and easy maintenance. As this is a very flexible platform customizing the designs and theme according to your business needs is quite easier.

How Our Worpress Websites Strategies Will Help you

WordPress as a platform has the ability to handle any website type be it an informative site, blogger or an e-commerce. The nature of the framework and the transparency it provides itself says a lot about the mechanism. WordPress is known to add the attractive display to any website while offering the better user interface.

Getting more traffic on your website is also quite easier as it is search engine friendly and mobile friendly. The speed to load the website is at a faster pace as it is lightweight in nature. Structuring of the website is an important factor so that your users get exactly what they are looking for.

Google loves WordPress designs these days because they are up-to-date, well structured, the site ranking goes up faster and it is engaging. It also helps you maintaining your own site if you would require complete admin rights and access. The codes are very ideal that helps them in indexing on the search engine platforms. The transition between users is very smooth and can be maintained easily.

WordPress is a strong content management system driven that empowers your business on the online platform. You would have a question is WordPress the solution for my business requirement? For this, we come into the picture and help you identify exactly what your business goals are and what you would like to do on the online presence. Considering all these parameters we suggest you the best mechanism and how it will match your business goals.

“You know your online presence is important and it promotes you forever”

Mobile Website Services


We at Telco develop state-of-art mobile websites suitable across all mobile devices and browsers. During design and development, we consider factors like flexible grids and layouts, images, call to action etc. We develop the mobile website with technology to routinely respond to the user’s preference.

Work With Us For Your Mobile Website Requirement
  • Bespoke Designs
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Advanced tools and technology
  • 11+ years of Industry experience
  • Served 50 + clients in different sectors
  • We work on different programming frameworks
  • Excellent communication and consultation

Every website is tailored made to meet client specifications and every detail that goes in developing the site be it the images, videos, and graphical representation are all available on the desktops, mobile and tablets in the most perfect manner. We bring a new life to your website that helps your CRO (Conversion rate optimization) with a completely fresh and improved design that optimizes your site to a full potential.

Design your mobile website with us to serve the user intent
  • Any devices compatibility
  • Improved SEO organic ranking
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Enhanced user involvement
  • You don’t have to do it over and over again separately on different platforms

We are the best Responsive Website Design Company in Ranchi, India we offer services starting from designing your site to developing it in a unique style. The sites that we develop are all responsive and helps you give a push in your business in terms of conversion rate and website traffic. We ensure your websites adapt to the viewing environment of the users.


We understand your business and your goals and we recommend mobile website solutions for better conversion for your business. Our timely delivery, inputs, team, consultation helps in building your requirement at its best.

Our services are served to different sectors in the market. We have also been a great support to different startups, government organizations, educational institutional, semiconductors, IT, Software, manufacturing, E-commerce, and hospitals. We are updated with latest technology up-gradation which helps mobile users to access your websites easily on their smartphones.

“Developing a website is not just about its looks and feel like but it's about how it works”.

It is essential that every business goes beyond the traditional boundaries and build an online presence that will attract customers and help them make a purchase with your brand. It is also vital that your business moves along the trend and create an out of box solution. The whole idea of creating a mobile website is aimed at crafting an optimal viewing experience. When a website is responsive and said to be mobile friendly, in a wider perspective mobile friendly is nothing but it adjusts to the screen size and improves the performance of the site.


The latest approach has been to serve the customers who are on the mobile for all accessibility. Mobile websites are also known as responsive website designs where it provides maximum viewing experience and interaction. The websites developed by us are highly flexible, easy to read, user-friendly, navigation friendly and optimized for SEO, content for all devices and search engines.

  • Consultation on the services
  • Planning
  • Engineering the website with responsive layouts
  • Responsive UI for different platforms and browsers
Points to remember when developing a responsive website for your business

  • You are not just serving one customer need
  • Everyone loves to be ranked first on the search engines
  • Your customer needs to be awestruck and convert
  • What matters is the good experience

It is necessary that the right tools and technology are made accessible to get the best output and avoid any issues on your website. Also, the most important client you will serve by developing the mobile or responsive website is the search engines. They love it when they see your site is accessible on any platform and medium. They help you go up the ladder using this as a parameter for putting up in the search engines

Responsive or mobile websites make it, even more, engaging for the users and reduces the bounce back rates on your website. Every single customer is using diverse devices with different resolution and sizes and the need for responsive design becomes necessary to showcase your product and service offerings. Developing a mobile site helps in easy accessibility, reading, and navigation. The information or content is well displayed like it is on a desktop without any issue.

Nowadays users prefer to access information on the tip of their finger and mobile is the answer for them. About 80% of users prefer browsing on their smartphones. 4 out of 5 customers shop on their mobile. 70% and above people say they will return to a particular site if it works on mobile and 60% of the users bounce back if the website loading time is high. Keeping these statistics is in mind it is understood that it is important to serve these parameters while implementing a website.

Our services are professional driven that interprets your business exactly on the online platform. Our industry expertise gives it a pitch to provide you with the best of consultation services and development where you are matching the trends in the market. What we offer is we develop the one single size website which fits in all the solution for the range of devices.

We were the leading mobile website development company we engineer our client’s websites as per their requirement and idea with an essence of our expertise.

Our team builds your website with a primary goal that they should be fully functional and perform well with great user experience and no matter what device they use they are all served well equally in the field of responsive design where we know the in and out of the subject and exactly know how to design and develop a responsive or mobile website.